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Sharon Carty Mezzo-soprano

“Witches,bitches and britches” Baroque heroes, heroines & villains!

Ensemble: Mezzo-soprano & small string ensemble (Vln,vln,vla, Vc, Hps)

Performed for Music for Galway & Castletown House, photos here

Sample concert programme here.

Option to expand instrumental ensemble to chamber orchestra or add

wind/brass for larger choice of repertoire.

“Sublime Songstress” Music for Mezzo-soprano, viola and piano

Performed with Musici Ireland  Photos here

Sample concert programme here

Schubert lieder with Jonathan Ware, Piano

Performed for the Hugh Lane Gallery Sundays@noon

Sample concert programme here

Irish Times review here Sunday Times review here

If you’d like to book or tailor any of these projects to your needs, please get in touch on the contact page.